Living in Historical Sharjah

01-April-2019 | 6 Comments | Post by SAO

Sharjah is one of most historically significant emirates in the UAE. It is densely populated city in United Arab Emirates. I grew up in Sharjah and spent my 35 years of life. I went to school, college and passed the bachelors in one of the most amazing universities in Sharjah University City. I lived at a two minute drive and a 10 minute walk away from my school and would substitute the drive for a walk at every opportunity as it allowed me to experience the pathways of my beloved city in a better way and at a slower pace.

Sharjah was never short of experiences and opportunities, I was part of a swim team, I rode horses and lived in a beautiful and five bedroom villa, with a garden. What was remarkable was we actually paid even at that time a price equal to a one-bedroom apartment in Dubai. It was a quiet, wholesome, affordable and relaxing life.

Everyone visits Dubai for its excitement and entertainment, restaurants and nightlife, but Sharjah is where you can get up close and personal with the real UAE. Sharjah in my opinion has a lot more to offer than its famous sister emirate Dubai. Sharjah is culturally more abundant and offers more to do than you can imagine. Although Sharjah is known to be more traditional than the other emirates, it is considered the nation’s cultural capital. The Emirati local residents enjoy the exciting and erratic side of Sharjah that fizzes with an intense energy and similarly millions of expats fondly call it home.

Few things that make Sharjah so Special:

  1. Many Expats prefer Living Here
  2. It is Very Affordable
  3. Everything in Sharjah Conveniently Located
  4. Sharjah locals refuse to leave it
  5. Sharjah has an extensive variety of Restaurants With Food From Round The World
  6. Sharjah is Home To Protected Nature Reserves

Sharjah is Full Of Hidden Foodie Gems


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