How Upcoming Sharjah Benefits The Rental Business

07-April-2020 | 0 Comments | Post by SAO

Sharjah offers immense benefits to rental customers specially those from the salaried fraternity looking save money while staying in a family oriented locale. The demand for Sharjah experienced a sharp rise with enquiry levels across new areas of Sharjah increasing by 50 percent between the first and second quarters of 2019. The City’s fast growing population is posing a heavy demand for residential units across the peripheries of the emirate which is being targeted by property developers, according to new research. Real estate companies believe that this growth is expected to continue for the remainder of 2020 giving rise to investment opportunities in the Sharjah real estate sector. Although the rents are decreasing not only in Sharjah but in every emirate, Sharjah remains the first choice for expats owing to its good community living standards for all nationalities including Indians, Pakistanis, Arab Expats and Emiratis making it a great time for Real estate investors and buyers to invest in Sharjah’s properties for great ROI specially in new areas of the emirate. A mature social set-up, vibrant retail environment and a comparatively affordable cost of living has set Sharjah on the map as a preferred residential destination compared to other emirates. With limited space and historically high land prices, developers of new residential projects have looked to the environs of the city where congestion is lower and development land is not in short supply. The property market in Sharjah is quite price sensitive and most of the city’s tenants consider the emirate because of its affordable rent prices, thus tenants will continue hunting for the best value. Relocating to emerging Sharjah can ease commuting times significantly and offer lower congestion with easier access to major road and transport networks.


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